Pikes Peak Hospital and Surgery Center has an agreement with HealthOne Stroke Care network and the Colorado Neurological Institute, Intouch Health and Blue Sky Neuroscience to provide telemedicine to stroke victims in Woodland Park and Teller County.

The partnership allows PPRH to use the remote presence robotics system. Patients with stroke symptoms who arrive in the emergency room can be assessed in a matter of minutes by neurologists specializing in stroke s. Emergency room doctors can treat patients more quickly, reducing or eliminating long-term stroke impacts on their patients.

“Every second counts in minimizing the danger a stroke can cause to the brain – quick assessment and personalized care are key,” said Dr. Chris Fanale, HealthOne stroke and CO-DOC medical director. “As a stroke neurologist, I can have a conversation with the patient and family, examine the patient’s ability to move and speak, and even zoom in to assess pupil reactivity. WE can talk to emergency medical services and ER staff, access monitoring devices and assess vital signs immediately.”

The InTouch Health Remote Presence telemedicine technology includes a camera and microphone for the live two-way audio and video, and a computer that is placed in an ER room. A doctor can connect a computer and joystick to the unit via the Internet and appear instantly on screen, much like video conferencing.

“There are a limited number of stroke neurologists and other specialists in our state – but this advanced technology allows experts to see patients at the bedside, from many miles away and much faster, without losing the precious time it takes to transport a patient or wait for a specialist to arrive,” said Dolores Horvath, CEO of the Woodland Park hospital.