The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments will provide $5 million in local match money to widen Interstate 25  north.

The project will expand I-25 to six lanes between Woodmen road and Interquest Parkway. Of the $5 million, $2.3 million comes from Congestion Mitigation Air Quality money and $2.7 million comes from Surface Transportation Program money.

That money will be added to the $31 million allocated by the state Transportation Commission in December.

The money comes from federal gas taxes. Since 1992, for every gallon of gas purchased, 18.4 cents is the federal tax paid. By law, 92 percent of those funds are repaid to the state.

Another $30 million is required to widen I-25 all the way to the Douglas County line.

Project requests for proposals will go out this May, and the contract will be awarded by early September. Construction of the 4.5 mile project will be completed by late 2013. More than 90,000 cars a day use I-25 at Woodmen Road.