The Wal-Mart Foundation has awarded a $59,000 grant to Catholic Charities which allowed for the purchase of a new Marian House Community Outreach truck.

The truck will have both Catholic Charities and Wal-Mart brands and will deliver food and other needed items to the rural communities in Colorado. They plan to deliver to five food pantries as well: Antioch Baptist Church in Yoder, God’s Pantry in Ellicott and Fountain, Hanover Patnry and Holy Family Parish in Leadville.

In the past six months, 76o families, 1,286 adults and 1,068 children have been served through the Marian House community outreach program. That includes 380 frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving, 201 food boxed with a total of 10,050 pounds of food and a number of other baby items, hygiene and personal care products, children and ault clothing and household goods.

The donation was part of Wal-Mart’s $19 million nationwide holiday giving campaign to fight hunger.