Ken Knapp has been named the first executive director of the Colorado Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

Knapp formerly was the deputy director of the PTAC, and will continue those responsibilities. However, he will also be in charge of fundraising for the organization. The PTAC must get part of its funding from private sources, while part of it comes from the federal government.

The move is part of a board reorganization, said Tom Elam, who will remain as head of the association.

“It’s business as usual as far as the day to day activity goes,” he said. “But we’ve never had a director for the board, and that’s what Ken will be doing.”

Knapp brings more than 30 years of government acquisition experience to the PTAC, and was a member of the initial team in Colorado.

The PTAC has been open in Colorado Springs for nearly three years. And despite a projected slowdown in government contracts, Elam says the organization is still going strong.

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“We’re pretty steady,” he said. “We add about 80 companies a month – and we’re brining about $152 million in government contracts to Colorado every year.”