Intelligent Software Solutions has been awarded three task orders totaling nearly $120 million by the U.S. Air Force Research Labs.

ISS will support a number of government customers with data integration, analysis and reporting software aimed at improving situational awareness.

The projects will provide software tools and services that allow people to aggregate, process, analyze and visualize large amounts of intelligence information from multiple and disconnected sources.

“The appetite for enterprise-wide analytical tools continues to grow,” said Carl Houghton, vice president of strategic initiatives at ISS. “More and more organizations have unwieldy amounts of data, and are in desperate need of software and service to process and analyze that data.”

The contracts cover more than 100 projects for 70 different groups. Projects range from efforts support advanced research and development of machine learning and complex event processing to the development and deployment of state-of-the-art command and control applications.

The program also allows ISS to maintain its support to combat operations Afghanistan, and on-site support at many locations around the world.

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