Colorado Springs, Live it Up!

That is the new city brand and slogan, announced today by the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau and local city and county leaders.

“Everybody wants our city and region to be successful and this brand expresses that,” said Mayor Steve Bach.

There have been many attempts over the years to come up with a city or regional brand, said Doug Price, CEO of the CVB. This brand tries to appeal to  residents, businesses and visitors, he said.

“It’s time for the city to brand itself, rather than be branded by people outside the community,” he said.

The Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corp. expects to incorporate the new slogan in its marketing campaign, newsletters and website. It will emphasized in all correspondence with California and Illinois companies – two states where Colorado is recruiting heavily.

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In all, the project cost $111,000, paid for by the CVB.

In May, Stone Mantel was awarded an $80,000 contract from the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau as part of the Colorado Springs Mayor’s Branding Task Force.

The brand and strategy firm has done work for the Smithsonian, wrote the signature motto for Anchorage, Alaska, and helped brand dozens of corporations and cities across the country.

The firm’s principal and lead strategist, Dave Norton, led a six-member team in formulating the branding platform to be used for marketing and advertising campaigns that both define and hype the city. Norton said the brand would try to address residents, visitors and businesses that Colorado Springs is trying to keep or attract.

The team met with historians, city leaders and conducted man-on-the-street interviews to find out what people think about Colorado Springs. In August, Stone Mantel hosted a two-day charrette with about 100 community leaders to further define words and phrases that describe what it means to live in Colorado Springs and what they believe is a desired brand for the city.

The brand was developed after key words were identified such as vibrant, exceptional and rugged. People the Springs are inspired to achieve, find balance between work and play and find the city to be a good place to start anew.

In October, the CVB hired an Oklahoma City-based research firm, WPA Opinion Research, to test the slogans before the task force settled on one.

Colorado Springs, Live it Up has a job to do, Price said. It will attempt to bring in jobs, bring in visitors and create a connection with visitors.

“Colorado Springs needs to be seen as the center of the region,” Price said.

So, tell us what you think: Do you like the new brand?