There’s an exception to every rule – even the one about posting personal information like your social security number online.

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado says that a new company in town – IQOR – is asking applicants to fill out online applications that include social security numbers. The application is on a secure Web site, said Katie Carrol, director of media relations and communications at the BBB.

IQOR is hoping to hire 100 people to work from home as part of their call centers around the world. It’s based in New York City.

The New York City Better Business Bureau has asked IQOR to remove its request for the information, but in the meantime, Carrol said that IQOR situation is an exception to the rule.

Even though the IQOR employment opportunity is real – both the request for information and the chance to work from home are legitimate – the BBB recommends taking precautions.

– Only give out personal information when you are positive the source is legitimate.

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– Shred all documents that contain personal information.

– Don’t provide potential employers with personal information until you’ve been hired.

– Verify facts about the company by visiting

– Find out how you will be paid, are you an employee or an independent contractor?

– When working from home, find out who is responsible for out-of-pocket expenses.