Laura Neumann, Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Laura Neumann’s can-do attitude is her tour de force, yet her soft-spoken focus comes from a place that is deeply personal.

An adopted child of Catholic Charities, Neumann’s desire to help others originates from the caring opportunities she received in early life. From the time she was a young girl, Neumann felt “a calling to bring out the best in people,” and today, she certainly does. When presented with an opportunity to improve the lives of others, Neumann is unstoppable in her efforts.

Neumann recently retired from Cheyenne Mountain Resort to spend time with her family.

For 24 years, Neumann has contributed to the success of Benchmark Hospitality International, a group of conference hotels and resort properties committed to creating a professional business environment for its guests. In 2004, Neumann moved to Colorado Springs to complete her tenure with Benchmark Hospitality International, as vice president and general manager at Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

Among her accomplishments, she further developed “Hometown Hospitality,” a grass-roots organization engaging more than 5,000 Benchmark employees from two dozen properties in volunteer programs benefiting the USO, Boys and Girls Clubs, March of Dimes, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Komen Race for the Cure, earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, and more.

Under Neumann’s leadership, Cheyenne Mountain Resort has been acknowledged as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in Colorado” — four years running.

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As her career blossomed, so did her gift for recognizing professional strengths in others. Serving on the board of several philanthropic and non-profit organizations, Neumann knows how to improve the lives of others by nurturing potential in those less fortunate. It has been said that one of her greatest skills is “growing people” under her tutelage. Neumann has a knack for marshaling the talents of people around her, while shaping those talents into productive service.

Neumann’s LinkedIn profile lists her current job status as “hiatus” with activities including, “road traveler, gardener, and chauffeur of all things kids.”