Laura Muir, Momentum Advertising Public Relations

Laura Muir owes much of her professional success to her father, Robert Muir, who served as architect on many Colorado Springs projects as well as his daughter’s career.

Muir grew up in Colorado Springs, graduated from Cheyenne Mountain High School, and graduated from CU Boulder with a double major in geography and urban studies. She’d worked summers for her father, writing environmental impact reports, and was drawn to architecture.

After a stint in San Diego, she relocated to Oregon to join SEAR Architects. A decade later, her father stepped in again. He asked her to come to the Springs as his marketing director. “He’d never had a marketing director. After I got there, we landed a lot of substantial work: the East Library, Memorial Hospital remodel work, and the Air Force Academy.”

But dad was not through with framing his daughter’s career. “One day he said to me, ‘I’m going to have to let you go sooner or later. You’re bringing in too much work!’ He wanted to retire, but I was getting so many jobs he couldn’t do it!” Muir breaks into one of her signature peals of laughter at the memory.

So, faced with being laid off by her own father for being too good at her job, in 1986 she started her own shop: Momentum Advertising & Public Relations. Her initial clients were architects, but as her reputation for building reputations grew, her clientele became increasingly diversified. One of her proudest achievements was helping Dr. James D. Albert, a cardiothoracic surgeon client of hers, launch the Albert Vein Institute, which specializes in venous disease treatments. The Institute today has a national reputation for advances made in treating venous disorders.

Her community service activities over the years have been myriad, among them the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Southern Colorado AIDS Project, Colorado Springs Sports Corp., Safe Passage and the YMCA. Lately, she’s become best known for her part in a popular auction item: a home-cooked Italian dinner for the highest bidder. Her pal Mary Ellen McNally provides the kitchen and dining room. Muir’s fiance, Lou Mellini, does the cooking. Muir’s role? She serves the food, with, she says, some very fine Chianti.

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