Erin Hannan, U.S. Anti Doping Agency

“We are battling the notion that there are shortcuts in life,” Erin Hannan said, “that you can just take a magic pill and excel.”

Hannan, the communications and outreach director for the United States Anti-Doping Agency, lives that philosophy. She has spent over 20 years building a strong and varied background to prepare her for her role of getting the non-profit USADA’s message out.

Prior to USADA she was an account supervisor at Vladimir Jones public relations and advertising agency and director of marketing and public relations at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. In both jobs she let the world know about some of the best things about Colorado and the Springs. She has owned her own business and worked as the licensing manager at Guess? the hip clothing company.

Skilled at branding, marketing and outreach, Hannan says one of her favorite parts of her job is crafting USADA’s messages into clear and convincing written materials. “It is satisfying to have an impact through the written word,” she says.

USADA strives to preserve the integrity of sporting contests by preventing athletes from using performance enhancing drugs in Olympic and other competitions. But, Hannan and the group also want to reinforce some of the core values of sports. “We want to help young people develop values and have a positive experience through sports; to learn lifelong lessons, gain confidence, integrity and self-esteem,” she says.

Hannan is deeply involved in the civic and cultural life of Colorado Springs after living here nearly two decades. “A lot of my community interaction is focused on the cultural vibrancy of our community. I am involved with the Fine Arts Center and the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.” She is a committee member for the Fund for the Arts of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation. She is on the board of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and has served on many other boards and committees.

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She is a board member of the Citizens Project, “focused on defining and promoting equality and diversity and creating a welcoming community in Colorado Springs,” she says.