Caroleen Jolivet, Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet, P.C.

A small town girl by birth, Lee Jolivet brings her esteem for small-town values and relationships to her work and to her community giving. Though no longer a small town, Colorado Springs proved to be the right fit for her when she headed West from Rhode Island.

“One of the beautiful aspects of Colorado Springs is that it has that balance of community interaction and involvement, while also embracing the new people who come here,” says the partner at Mulliken, Weiner, Berg & Jolivet. Like a small town heart in a big city body.

Jolivet’s father was the town clerk of Tiverton, R.I. (pop. 2010: 15,000) when she was growing up. Everyone knew everyone else, and looked after each other. “My parents were both heavily involved in the community,” she says. Her mother preached giving back to Jolivet and her brother and sister, and it was a sermon that stuck with them for life.

While in college in Providence, R.I., she met Peter Jolivet, a young idealist from the Front Range. “I came to Colorado Springs for a visit with him and said, ‘There’s sunshine!’ I’d spent my entire life back East, but that’s when I fell in love with Colorado Springs.”

An avid history student in college, she chose law, believing the profession was one that valued the past. She chose Denver University for her law degree.

After a couple of law firm moves, she joined Mulliken Weiner as a partner, and has focused on real estate and business. “I’ve been involved in quite a bit of the construction that’s happened in Colorado Springs,” she says. “I love being part of the framework of a project, helping my clients overcome hurdles. They don’t come to me to hear why they can’t do something. They want to know what the hurdles are going to be. It’s fun and challenging getting them to the finish line as quickly as possible.”

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Then there’s the giving back part. She’s on the board at Silver Key Senior Services (“When the opportunity to join that board presented it, I took it!”) and both she and Peter, a school social worker, are involved with the Community Partnership for Child Development.