C.J. Moore, Kaiser Permanente

If ever an employee deserved the title, “Good Will Ambassador,” C. J. Moore is that person. The line between her job and her personal life is so fine that it’s all but disappeared after years of tireless community involvement.

Moore arrived in Colorado Springs the way so many of the city’s powerful women did: by way of the military, twice. She and husband Mike, who passed away in 2002, were stationed here in the 1980s. When it came time for Mike to retire in 1994, their choice of a permanent home was a no-brainer.

Suffice to say she’s made an impact on her adopted home. She was among Kaiser’s first employees when it decided to serve the region. Now, with more than 50,000 members locally, Kaiser is a major player in the health care sector — and Moore serves as its face to the public.

It’s her job to make sure the local Kaiser staff of some 50 employees takes an active role in the community. Thanks to Moore’s efforts, Kaiser representatives can be found on more than 10 boards of local nonprofit organizations. She also gets them to turn out as volunteers for many of the region’s fundraisers.

It’s tough to say no to someone who leads by example the way Moore does. The list of committees and board she’s either on currently or has been a member of is staggeringly long. Her own passion, which she inherited from her father, is for the arts. (Visit the Kaiser Permanente admin offices, and you’ll find the walls covered with the works of local artists, thanks to Moore.) But she spreads herself around, working with nonprofits representing the arts (like the Colorado Springs Conservatory), education (the Pikes Peak Community College Foundation), health care (American Heart Association Heart Ball), media (Rocky Mountain PBS) and youth and families (YMCA).

That kind of commitment has earned her many citations and awards, including Business Leader in the Arts in 2010. But that’s not why she does it. She’s a socialite and a do-gooder at heart, and what better way to enjoy life, and represent your employer, than by spending as much time as possible offering a helping hand to others?

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That’s C.J. Moore — Goodwill Ambassador to the Springs for Kaiser Permanente.