Denver financier Phil Anschutz is buying the historic Broadmoor hotel.

“That is huge for us,” said Allison Scott, Broadmoor spokeswoman.

Broadmoor President and CEO Steve Bartolin will remain in place and no other changes are planned to the management or staff.

Bartolin met with management and then all employees this morning to break the news. He told them that he was excited about the change, Scott said.


When the deal closes, Anschutz will become only the third owner in the hotel’s history.

This morning, Chairman and CEO of The Oklahoma Publishing Company Christy Everest announced the sale of OPUBCO, including The Broadmoor to a Denver based company owned by Anschutz.

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“There are amazing similarities between the interests and values of The Anschutz Corporation and those of OPUBCO,” Everest said.  “Mr. Anschutz’s stewardship of OPUBCO properties will carry the company’s 108 year history well into the future.  His interests align with ours right down to his love of the west.”

Under the guidance of Edward L. Gaylord, The Oklahoma Publishing Company purchased the controlling interest in The Broadmoor from El Pomar Foundation in 1988 and later acquired 100 percent ownership.  When Gaylord passed away in 2002, his daughter, Everest, became the third member of the Gaylord family to lead OPUBCO.

News that there would be no management changes at The Broadmoor was met with relief by the 1,800 employees, Scott said.

“Mr. Anschutz made a promise to us and the Gaylord family that we will remain an independent, never to be flagged or affiliated with a chain,” Scott said.

Spencer and Julie Penrose opened The Broadmoor  in 1918.

“I am extremely pleased with my new affiliation with The Broadmoor,” Anschutz said. ” I look forward to working with Steve Bartolin and his team in carrying on The Broadmoor’s legacy of excellence and commitment to the Colorado Springs community.”

Bartolin said he has come to know Anschutz and respects and likes him.

“I have also been so impressed with his passion for The Broadmoor and his knowledge of our history, which gives me great hope for its future,” Bartolin said. “This is a very positive event.”

Closing of the sale of OPUBCO to The Anschutz Corporation is contingent upon receipt of certain regulatory approvals.  Details of the transaction remain private.

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