A $416,000 construction project is underway at Graner Music. The store is expanding to include a third music studio, a cafe and a recital hall.

Graner Music is expanding its store to include a third music studio, a café and a recital hall.

The long-time Colorado Springs music store, which outfits schools with music instruments in nearly the entire Pikes Peak region, is making space to showcase local musical talents, said Charlotte Baker, owner.

“Colorado Springs needs a place for teachers to have recitals,” she said. “Right now they rent out churches or even have them in their own homes.”

The recital area will seat up to 120 and be available to rent. It will be a great place for garage bands too, Baker said.

The $416,000-construction project is underway now and is expected to be complete by November. Crews knocked down the walls to two adjoining stores in the Aspen Center, at 4460 Barnes Road, to make way for the new additions.

Graner Music is adding a third music studio, reserved for its drummers, Baker said. The studios are used by contracted music instructors and the drummers needed some space of their own, she said. The new studio will have more sound-proof walls and give instructors and students the opportunity to collaborate.

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“We are very excited,” Baker said. “It will mean teachers can combine drum instruction with guitar instruction here at Graner – it will be a place where connections are made. That’s what I’m looking forward to.”