From one summer to the next, unemployment across the country has not changed much.

The best place for low unemployment is Bismarck, N.D. with its 3 percent unemployment rate; the worst is Yuma, Ariz. with 30 percent unemployment.

The national unemployment rate in July was 9.3 percent, not seasonally adjusted, down from 9.7 percent a year earlier.

Overall, unemployment rates were lower in July 2011 than a year earlier in 257 of the 372 metropolitan areas, but not by much.

In Colorado Springs, unemployment in July was 9.6 percent. It was 9.7 percent last July.

The numbers were released today by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Unemployment is higher in 94 metropolitan areas, and unchanged in 21 areas, according to the report.

Twelve metropolitan areas recorded jobless rates of at least 15 percent, while ten areas registered rates of less than 5 percent.