Colorado Springs Xiotech Corp. has a new name – and a new product.

Now known as XIO (pronounced ex-eye-oh) recently launched a new computer storage system, the Hyper ISE, which allows performance as high as 200,000 IOPS in a storage system.

The company also released X-Volume software to create a virtual volume across multiple systems. Both products will be showcased at VM World 2011 in Las Vegas tomorrow.

“The name change is important because we are a different company with a new focus,” said XIO President and CEO Alan Atkinson. “Hyper ISE is a revolutionary product that is a unique and valuable solution addressing a rapidly emerging market. Hyper ISE actually enables you to simply do things you couldn’t before. It changes the economics of application performance and allows you to do much more with less. When your customers consistently tell you that no other solution could have solved their problems, you know you are on to something big.”