The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corp. are working on a merger deal, discussing how the merged organization might be structured and possibly who its president and CEO should be.

Who do you think should lead the organization?

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  1. At the helm of the Chamber/EDC should be someone who believes Colorado Springs has the intellectual capacity to be MORE than a hub for call centers.

  2. The Chamber has make dramatic progress over the last 4 years demonstrating a proven capacity and track record for leadership. It seems logical that the Chamber would lead the combined organizations. What a loss to this community if that leadership is not taken advantage of.

  3. I think a merger is a great idea but I think that talent needs to be retained from both organizations. Over the last 5 years the executives at the Chamber have done a great job at building a solid business community. I would like to see the Chamber executive staff stay on as the leaders of this transition. They are well known in the public and great stewards for this community.

  4. I believe they should leave Doug Quimby in the position. He’s intelligent, committed, hard working and invested in seeing Colorado Springs grow.

  5. Whoever it is should understand that membership means more than just getting an annual membership bill; that not every sponsored event should be a fund raiser; and that neither the EDC nor the Chamber are proprietary empires….which means whoever is chosen probably shouldn’t be from either camp.

  6. It seems the Chamber has made much progress in the way new members, member retention, legislative governance, staff reduction, small business representation and has a culture unique to itself. Why merge with a floundering organization with limited leadership? It appears the challenge for the EDC is to find a competent leader who has the skill set to market, attract and secure growth oriented companies with a history of adding jobs in the market. I think the community would be better served with 2 organizations rather than one dysfunctional entity.

  7. I deal with eight different chambers in my line of work and I can report without a doubt that Dave Csyntain is the very best leader of that distinguished group. He must be included in the top leadership of the future Chamber/EDC or we would be doing ourselves a disservice. I believe there can be a solution that includes both leaders in a cooperative manner, so let’s role up our sleeves and find it.

  8. Mergers are difficult at best, but let’s look at who’s record of success has proven you can use your own personal capital to turn an organization around. That would be Dave Csintyan. Let the egos go and capitalize on the great work of both organizations leadership staff. Blend them together and you’ll have one dynamic group. My vote is for Dave.

  9. In the past, the Chamber and the EDC have operated separately. Let’s not forget that the Chamber traditionally has supported local business in this town the EDC has worked tirelessly to bring in new business and primary jobs to Colorado Springs. Both are important in maintaining a balance for this city.
    Now, with a new strong mayor we are seeing the two entities move toward combining. This is probably best for the city with the direction that we are going as long as the leadership continues to focus on brining new businesses and jobs to our economy.
    Who should be the person to lead the “new” organization? How about a qualified person from outside that is new to both the EDC and the Chamber-someone with new ideas and focus, not the same old guard? That’s been the problem with this city-we want to be a Denver, but the same old hats run the show.
    Also, I love how people are so judgmental of people who are not around to defend themselves. One person posted “not a former military officer” – really?! This town has cut its teeth and thrived on the military and Mike Kazmierski , a former Army officer, is a dedicated and highly intelligent leader that cares deeply about this city. Most leadership positions at major corporations in this town are made up of former military officers- maybe because they are some of the best trained leaders around. Not to mention the amount of retirees who continue to work and contribute to our economy. Doug Quimby is also a good leader. Question is… who’s up for the challenge, investment and public judgment that comes with the position? Let’s do what’s best for Colorado Springs and get someone who understands the need for a balance with the two organizations, not just point fingers at how the past was run.

  10. Small business has been the back bone of this community historically and if there is any hope for the future, it will be through the growth of small business. The Mayor, Governor and most other elected officials have even indicated in their presentation to the press, that growth of local small business is our future.

    The historical backing of EDC has been the real estate developers and for the Chamber it has been small business, thus I don’t think that a combination would be beneficial for small business and the future of this community.

    Efforts of our local political and business power brokers should be focused on our local business growth. Since our banks and other traditional financial institutions are encumbered by more regulations during the last 3 years, these regulation have made most of our local business a very low credit risk. These power brokers should focus their and the community resources in creating fund that is available to grow our local business owners to stabilize and expand their businesses. This will create jobs, lower our unemployment and increase tax revenues without increasing rates.

    Let’s quit studying the structure of our many local government and public organizations and start doing something positive. If this positive activity yielded economic results for our local community, maybe the local press would start talking and printing positive events in our local community.

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