President Barack Obama urged Americans to call Congress about the lack of progress on raising the nation’s debt ceiling. Apparently, people took him up on it.

Congressman Doug Lamborn’s office reports that his website is moving slowly, and that the House of Representatives switchboard is clogged with phone calls.

According to an email from Lamborn’s communications director, Catherine Mortensen, constituents should call his offices directly. Lamborn’s district office number is 520-0055. His Washington office is 202-225-4422.

A vote on competing proposals – one in the House and one in the Senate – could come as early as Wednesday. The nation is expected to reach the debt ceiling Aug. 2. Failure to reach an agreement could result in a federal default on its bills.

And the world is watching.

The Associated Press reports that the head of the International Monetary Fund warned that the nation needs to reach an agreement.

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Christine Lagarde, in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, told the audience that the impact of a failure to raise the borrowing limit will extend beyond America’s borders.

Lagarde urged U.S. political leaders to show the same “political courage” that European leaders demonstrated last week, when they agreed on several new measures to address that continent’s debt crisis.

Credit rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s have warned that they will downgrade the United States’ top credit rating if an agreement isn’t reached. Standard & Poor’s has also said it may reduce the nation’s credit rating if there aren’t steep cuts to the U.S. budget deficit.

Lagarde said a default or downgrade of U.S. debt “would be a very, very, very serious event not just for the United States but for the global economy at large.


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