Couples with marriage on their minds can race through a scavenger hunt tomorrow for a chance to win a $10,000 designer engagement ring.

Johannes Hunter Jewelers is sponsoring the scavenger hunt, which will begin at 11 a.m. in Acacia Park. Teams of two can sign up before midnight tonight to participate.

But, participants will have to rely on more than their eyes for the contest. They’ll be using  using Google-backed gaming technology, called SCVNGR, to find the ring.

Teams will receive text messages instructing them to go to  a location  and complete a challenge, such as “Go to Johannes Hunter Jewelers at 124 N. Tejon St. How many butterflies are in the butterfly display?”

When the competitors text the answer back, they’ll receive another location to go visit.

At the end of the race, hunters will duke it out for digital points to finally win the ring, a J. Affe designer ring with a center stone just over one carat

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Stephanie Santos at Johannes Hunter Jewelers said there were already 115 couples signed up for the event as of Friday afternoon. There’s space for 200 teams to participate.

Sign up at