Six Colorado Springs arts institutions are  celebrating pollinators – bees, birds and moths  – with a series of events known as Cross Pollination 2011.

It’s the first collaboration of its kind in the area and aims to spark a community discussion about pollinators, said Daisy McConnell, co-director of the Galleries of Contemporary Art at University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

Pollinators are a hot topic right now as people move toward urban gardens, and explore the bigger issue of colony collapse disorder, a phenomenon of disappearing honey bees.

Together the six art institutions will present art exhibits, film screenings, tastings, performances, workshops and other creative events to celebrate and elevate awareness of the crucial role pollinators play in human culture and existence, she said.

The six collaborators are: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center; Downtown Studio Art Gallery at Pikes Peak Community College; Galleries of Contemporary Art at UCCS; The I.D.E.A. Space at Colorado College; Marmalade at Smokebrush Gallery; and Stargazer’s Theatre and Event Center in collaboration with Amber Coté.

Pollinators include insects and animals that facilitate reproduction in 90 percent of the world’s flowering plants. It’s estimated that, on average, one in every three bites of food humans take comes courtesy of an animal pollinator.

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The exhibits, films and art will show the world’s interconnectedness with pollinators, including how to support them in the backyard and on a global scale.

“We are really aiming to raise awareness in a celebratory way,” McConnell said.

“Cross-Pollination 2011 is inspired by science and is at its heart a creative celebration of pollinators,” she said. “Artists, filmmakers, dancers, and curators translate difficult data into impassioned expressions of why we should all care about pollinators in our community, ultimately inspiring action through the public’s experience of that expression.”

For more information and a list of event dates and times, click here.


  1. I have studied moths and, to some extent, moths as pollinators for years. I am happy to be involved in this project as a consultant if there is a need.

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