In an effort to build opposition to a proposed Denver ballot measure that would mandate paid sick time for employees, the Employment Policies Institute has conducted a study about views on employee sick time.

The study results: Most people know that workers use sick leave as vacation time.

The institute is opposed to paid-sick-day policies, claiming that it’s a “free lunch” for employees, and that forcing companies to pay for sick leave could mean fewer jobs, cuts in benefits and reduced hours for current employees.

Currently, a ballot proposal in Denver asks voters whether to require businesses to give paid sick leave to all employees.

Backers of the proposal to do that say they’ve got enough signatures to get it on Denver’s ballot in November.

The proposal would apply to businesses of all sizes. Companies with fewer than 10 employees would have to offer five days of sick leave, but larger employers would have to provide nine days. Similar proposals have failed to pass at the state legislature.

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