A Mesa County District Court has sentenced a man to 11 years and three months in the Colorado Department of Corrections for his role in a national check fraud ring, according to Colorado Attorney General John Suthers.

Salvador Ramirez was accused of being part of a check fraud ring that used shell corporations Mount Rocky Logistics and Expo Banquet to pass fake checks written for less than 4500 at businesses in Aspen, Carbondale, Delta, Durango, Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, Montrose, Parachute, Rifle and Olathe, Suthers said.

The ring is suspected of passing about $80,000 in fake checks at Colorado businesses. Ramirez was a recruiter, driver and check-passer for the ring, and pleaded guilty to violating the Colorado Organized crime Control act, a class-two felony; theft, a class-four felony, and forgery, a class-five felony, he said.

Ramirez’s codefendant Jorge Martinez Gomez (was sentenced in May 2010 to eight years in prison. Veronica Ruiz Ayala, also a codefendant, was sentenced in April 2010 to six years in the Department of Corrections. The other subjects of the indictment, Miguel Villalpando Rodriguez, Oscar Gomez, Ibis Fuentes and Efrain Reyes, all remain at large.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation assisted the Office of the Attorney General in investigating and prosecuting Ramirez and his codefendants. The Mesa County District Attorney’s Office assisted the Office of the Attorney General is prosecuting Ramirez and his codefendants.