On May 18, Colorado Springs made headlines after Kiplinger listed it as one of the “10 Great Cities for College Grads.”

Kiplinger evaluated factors including rent, median income, income growth, the unemployment rate and the percentage of residents aged 20-24 to compile its list.

On May 19, The Atlantic produced its list of “Top 25 Cities for Recent College Graduates,” employing seven metrics, including unemployment rate, median earnings for college graduates, percent of the population that rents and is unmarried, and percentage of residents aged 25-34. Colorado Springs did not make the list, but the Denver metro area ranked 17th, and Boulder came in 14th.

On May 31, The Daily Beast released its list of the “25 Best Cities for Recent Grads.” Its researchers used data including the cost of living index, percentage of housing available for rent, unemployment rate, average per capita personal income, and the percentage of residents aged 22-24 to compile its list. No Colorado cities made the list.

Boston, Seattle, and Washington D.C. were the only cities to appear on all three lists. Between Kiplinger, The Atlantic and The Daily Beast, 43 U.S. cities have been listed as a “top city” for recent college graduates.