Colorado congressman Doug Lamborn says the least graphic of the Osama bin Laden’s photos should be made public.

Lamborn said he saw photos for about 10 minutes Thursday at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. He said some showed bin Laden shot in the head, including some taken immediately after his death in his bedroom.

He also said one showed bin Laden’s body carefully wrapped in a white shroud.

He said the photos of bin Laden’s head were shown side-by-side with ones of the al-Qaida leader when he was alive, at roughly the same angle.

The Republican from Colorado Springs says there’s no doubt it’s bin Laden. He thinks releasing the least graphic of the images could help provide closure to the families of the Sept. 11 victims and all Americans.


  1. Least graphic? Most graphic? Just release them. The islamist terrorists had no problem posting photos of our soldiers burned to a crisp, hanging from a bridge.

    Like changing the channel on the TV, people can choose to look or not look. What about offending our friends in Iran, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan? Who cares.

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