A Colorado health insurance exchange won final approval in the Senate 20-15 on Wednesday, setting up a likely debate over the federal health law in the GOP House.

Republicans argued unsuccessfully against the health exchange, which allows individuals and small employers to pool together to lower premiums. Democrats and business groups say the exchange would promote competition. The measure passed on a party-line vote, with all Democrats in favor and all Republicans against.

States were directed by the federal law to create exchanges by 2013. Some opponents of that law say states shouldn’t comply with that provision.

It’s unclear how the exchange will fare in the GOP House. Republican Leader Amy Stephens has co-sponsored the idea, but other Republicans are likely to resist.


  1. To our esteemed legislative body in Colorado – have any of you investigated the cost of health insurance for small business? If not, let me tell you about. Whether you have a high deductible, an HSA or Cadillac insurance, the rates don’t really change much. We own a small business and to insure 4 employees and 1 family costs $2900 a MONTH. That’s more than our liability and workers comp policies. We are just about to the point with this recession to let our health care go. Oh, and by the way, our policy renews in May and because of the new pieces of Obamacare that have been enacted, like keeping your kids on your policy until age 26 and no monetary limit policies, our rates are going up 14% after going up 12% last year. Without an exchange or some sort of help for small business, health insurance is a benefit we will probably be canceling .

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