Voters this week elected six new members and one incumbent to the Colorado Springs City Council.

The new council will be responsible for confirming the mayor’s appointees, appointing the Memorial Health System board of directors, overseeing Colorado Springs Utilities and fielding citizen complaints, among other duties.

Here’s a look at where the new city council stands on some of the city’s most pressing issues.

– compiled by Jonathan Easley

What they think Memorial Health System should become:

Merv Bennett: nonprofit

Val Snider : nonprofit

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Brandy Williams: undecided

Tim Leigh: privately owned

Angela Dougan: undecided

Lisa Czelatdko: undecided

Jan Martin : nonprofit

Do they support plans to continue building the Southern Delivery System:

Merv Bennett : Yes

Val Snider : Yes

Brandy Williams : Yes

Tim Leigh : Yes

Angela Dougan : Yes

Lisa Czelatdko : Yes

Jan Martin : Yes

What they believe are the city’s top priorities:

Merv Bennett
  • Job creation
  • Streamlining government processes
Val Snider
  • Job creation
  • Restoring public confidence in government
Brandy Williams
  • Job creation
  • Success of the Southern Delivery System
Tim Leigh
  • Memorial Hospital privatization
  • Success of the Southern Delivery System
Angela Dougan
  • Fair tax structure
  • Cutting government spending
Lisa Czelatdko
  • Supporting tourism and jobs
  • Rebuilding trust in local government
Jan Martin
  • Job creation
  • Funding parks, roads transit and police and fire protection