A proposal to make permits optional for carrying concealed weapons has passed Colorado’s Republican House. But the measure faces its toughest challenge yet in the Democratic Senate on Tuesday.

A Senate committee known for rejecting GOP bills plans a hearing on a measure that would make concealed weapon permits optional. Anyone with legal permission to carry concealed weapons would be free to do so, without seeking permission from a local agency.

Supporters say that the bill wouldn’t expand those legally allowed to carry concealed weapons, just save people from having to apply for permits. But opponents say most people would interpret the bill to mean anyone could carry concealed weapons, even those under 21.

Earlier this month, Wyoming became the fourth state to make concealed-carry permits optional.


  1. Sounds like the usual left wing extremist obfuscation. The bill allows anyone that is legally allowed to carry a firearm. If present law doesn’t allow 21 year olds to have one then their mere ownership is illegal to begin with. And, more laws limiting crimiinals aren’t going to help because, after all, they are criminals.

    The US Constitution says that we have the right to keep and bear arms and mentions nothing about states limitiing those rights… so the whole issue is unConstitutional. The goal was to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government… oh oh… that is hitting close to home isn’t it?

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