More than 400 local business leaders came out to hear the strong mayor candidates’ views about topics that ranged from Colorado Springs’ image to economic development.

The event, organized by the Middle Market Entrepreneurs, had candidates answering questions such as:

“You are sitting on an airplane next to the CEO of an internationally recognized company. What do tell her about Colorado Springs?”

Another question put candidates on the spot about funding for economic development:

“Do you agree with the Economic Deveopment Corporation’s mission enough to support it with public funding?”

And still another question asked what candidates believe to be the city’s major challenges concerning diversity and tolerance.

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While candidate answers ranged from confident to “can-do,” others brought rogue ideas about fiscal responsibility and networking with the rest of the state.

One candidate even suggested selling Colorado Springs Utilities to gain revenue and rid the city of its supposed management woes.

Check back at later in the day to see who said what and view a video of candidates answering questions in their own words.