Colorado Republicans are going after renewable energy requirements they say are hurting consumers.

The state Senate starts work Wednesday on a bill undoing a requirement that utilities get 30 percent of their electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar by 2020. Senate Bill 71 would roll that requirement back to 10 percent, a renewable energy standard utilities already exceed.

The higher renewable energy standard passed last year allows utilities to charge customers up front for the expense of switching to cleaner energy. Republicans say that it’s driving up power bills and hurting consumers.

However, the Republicans’ plan faces long odds in the Democratic-controlled Senate. Democrats approved the higher energy standards last year.

The energy hearing was originally scheduled last week, but it was canceled because of bad weather.


  1. Didn’t Colorado citizens vote FOR a renewable requirement? What was the percentage the people passed? Anyone remember?

  2. What does it take to convince those in industry and government that our fossil fuel-based economic system is no longer viable? That the short-term gains are not worth the long-term health costs to ourselves, our children and our planet?

    Organizations as diverse as the March of Dimes and the American Bladder Cancer Society recognize that fossil fuel use serves as a common denominator–one that not only aligns our respective organizations towards a common goal (reducing exposures associated with escalating rates of chronic disease and disability), but also begs the question–what if all of our groups, with our hundreds of thousands of members, joined together to reform climate policy, promote conservation, press for safer consumer products and greater investment in renewable energy sources? It is like a light bulb suddenly flooding a room.

    We will build on the successes of those committed to putting health at the center of the discussions on climate change. The Collaborative on Health and the Environment’s Report from the Cancun Climate Change Talks: NGOs Promote Health and Partner for Future Action will present the experience of representatives from NGOs based in the US, Europe and Africa who attended the recent Cancun climate change talks.

    Most important, we invite you to add your energy and creative thinking to these efforts and many others to create the groundswell we need to put us on a clear trajectory towards a healthier future.

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