Four Air Force Academy officers are defending the school’s upcoming prayer luncheon against claims the event appears to be sponsored by academy commanders in violation of the Constitution.

The officers filed affidavits in Denver federal court on Monday.

Five faculty members and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed suit last week seeking to block the event, scheduled for Thursday.

The lawsuit says some faculty members feel pressured to attend the luncheon.

Chaplain Dwayne Peoples, an Air Force lieutenant colonel who filed one of the affidavits defending the luncheon, says the event is sponsored by the chapel, not commanders.

Peoples and the other officers say the organizers and the academy commanders have repeatedly told faculty and cadets the event is voluntary.

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  1. Seems like all journalists need to take a class on the Constituion. There is nothing in the Constitution prohibiting this kind of activity. In face, during our first 150 years, the Supreme Court ruled over and over again that the Bible was suitable, and even recommended for use in schools. It has only been our revisionist Supreme Courts in the last 50 years that have chosen to reintrepret our history. In fact, for the first 150 years, Christian prayers by the military and Congress were standard practice. Was the Constitution changed or amended? No, only the people that are trying to change the nature of a country organized as a Christian republic.

  2. I am so fed up with people telling me that what I believe is not allowed! If you don’t like Christianity, then fine. Don’t attend any Christian events or gatherings. In this country, you will NOT be hog-tied and dragged there. If you don’t want to hear prayers at events, then use your iPod or other device to block it out. Or, you could just respectfully shut up and ignore it! What a concept! I am expected to do that for YOU and I do. Just don’t try to control MY life. If you don’t like it, we don’t stop anyone from leaving! Just don’t let the door hitcha ………

  3. It should be remembered that the Academy has a history – going back decades – of MANDATING attendance at church – preferably Christian – every week. They only changed when the courts forced them to change.

    If this is in any way an official Academy event, it is illegal and unconstitutional – no matter how ‘voluntary’; just as an Academy-sponsored Atheist’s Luncheon would be illegal and unconstitutional. Since these officers, like me (I’m a Federal employee) took an oath to defend the Constitution, they are violating the oath they took.

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