The Colorado Commission on Higher Education will consider a strategic plan its hopes will help save Colorado’s state-funded colleges and universities.

Strategic planning committee co-chairman Jim Lyons says options that may be considered include raising taxes, providing more state funding, charging higher fees for graduate programs and consolidation of programs.

The commission is expected to review the recommendations on Thursday, but they have until Dec. 15 to submit a master plan.

The subcommittees recommended that state funding be increased from $550 million to $1 billion to avoid losing ground and close a $476 million inflation gap.

– Associated Press


  1. Please, a $476 million inflation gap!! How can expenses double? What a ridiculous comment and article (i.e. nothing is substantiated). I got an idea for these losers (state-funded colleges & universities), why don’t they get to generating some ideas/jobs and stimulate that economy. Hence they will have enough attendance (revenues) to remain profitable (i.e. break even). It’s impossible for their expense to double!! What CSBJ, do you (or the Commission being interviewed), think we’re idiots!

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