Colorado Republican lawmakers are planning legislation to address illegal immigration.

Sen.-elect Kent Lambert, R-Colorado Springs, said he plans to introduce an Arizona-style law when the Legislature convenes in January. It would require police to check people’s immigration status.

The Republican Study Committee of Colorado, a coalition of GOP state lawmakers which has no legal authority in the Legislature, is holding a summit at the statehouse today.

A version of the Arizona law could pass the GOP controlled House, but it has little chance of getting out of the state Senate, where Democrats have a 20-15 majority.

And, Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper has vowed to veto any such legislation.


  1. Just as predicted, Sanctuary City Denver Mayor Hickenlooper will make Colorado the sanctuary state. With people like the democrats that obviously don’t value our American sovereignty, we can’t get rid of these services stealing Criminal Invaders even when we find them. Disgusting how they want to just make us one big world government so we can carry the burdens of the rest of the socialist world. I guess Obama has already given us a taste of what it costs us to do that with the biggest increase in debt we have ever seen.

  2. It is sad when the people of a state are so united and the government of the same state is so stubborn that they will not do the will of the people. I would think being the Gov.-elect and saying that you want to work with all the representatives and further the will of those that elected you to the office. That you would at least wait to promise a veto until it had at least been passed by the house. I hope our conservative elected officials will push these issues through the next election and show just how stubborn our elected liberal representatives are on all the issues that are important to the people of the state. If they force them to defend unpopular decisions then perhaps at the next election, we will look more like the conservative state I have grown up in and less like Eastern California. I am sure I don’t need to tell anyone that California is almost sure to end up bankrupt or needing a massive federal bailout (more of our tax dollars) within the next 4 years.

  3. Good for Sen. Lambert. Push forward despite the promised veto. It will make great headlines for 2012 elections. Democrats continue to ignore the will of the people. Their message continues to be, we know what’s best for you. You don’t understand so we’ll safeguard you. Vote them out. Any pollitican that fails to represent his/her constituents should be voted out. Now we just need to work on putting reasonable, qualified, and electable candidates forward as good alternatives. Otherwise, Colorado will follow California and elect a Jerry Brown. So Colorado, are you planning on cashing in on California’s ignorance? You have to believe business are wanting out of that state.

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