Two Colorado Springs community leaders have been selected for Gov. John Hickenlooper’s transition team.

Bill Hybl, chairman and CEO of the El Pomar Foundation, and James Stewart, CEO of the Colorado Springs Black Chamber of Commerce, will both serve as state-wide co-chairman for the transition team.

They join about 50 other state co-chairs and committee co-chairs.

Called Partners for Colorado, the team will examine critical issues, and help the transition team recruit and evaluate candidates to oversee state agencies. Each committee will meet in the coming weeks to develop strategic plans that can be used by the incoming governor when he takes office Jan. 11.

The committees are made up of two to four co-chairs and will be formed by Nov. 9.

To volunteer for a committee, visit Each committee will have about 24 members.

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The Hickenlooper-Garcia transition website is also collecting comments from the public. The site also contains information about how to apply for cabinet-level positions in the new state government.