Marcy Morrison, commissioner of the Division of Insurance, will retire at the end of November.

Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper will appoint her replacement as part of his transition plans for 2011. But Morrison doesn’t plan to wait.

“Typically, December and January are a slow time of year,” she said. “And insurance companies are going to want to wait for the new commissioner before really doing anything big – and that makes sense.”

Morrison, the former mayor of Manitou Springs, has led the Division of Insurance during tumultuous times in state and federal government.

She oversaw statewide insurance reforms that gave her new authority to examine rate increases and to review company’s rate filings – that new authority returned $12 million to the state’s general fund last year alone.

And she was also in office when the first health care reform regulations started – overseeing emergency negotiations when it appeared all health insurance providers might exist the individual, child-only market. Insurers were afraid of assuming too much risk after reforms said they have to cover sick children in that market.

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“This definitely has been the busiest year of the four I’ve been here,” she said. “And it’s been the most challenging.”

Morrison doesn’t know what she’ll do now.

“I’ve never been idle long,” she said. “I always find something – or something finds me.”


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