Nearly 5,000 complaints led to more than $12 million in restored premium payments to customers last year, according to the Division of Insurance’s annual complaint report.

Car insurers and health care insurance companies account for more than half of all the complaints registered at the division.

The report covers June 2009 to June 2010, and is part of an annual report made to the legislature. During the past five years, more than $66.4 million in premium payments, claims payments and overturned denials of benefits have been returned to Colorado consumers.

Each written complaint is logged in, researched by an analyst, and the company is contacted for their response, said Marcy Morrison, commissioner of insurance. Because the commission must follow the dictates of the law, not all complaints are resolved in favor of the consumer.

The primary purpose of the complaint report is to document the trends in complaints for companies engaged in the insurance business. It includes breakdowns of complaints by type of insurance, type of complaint, the reasons consumers complained, and how often the division found complaints to be in violation of law, regulation or policies.

View the complete report on the Department of Regulatory Agencies’ website.

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