The Colorado Public Defender’s office has been located in Colorado Springs at 412 S. Sahwatch St. for years.

That’s about to change.

Next April the state’s legal team will move to 19 N. Tejon St. in a 14,200-square-foot building owned by a partnership headed by Sam Guadagnoli.

Spokeswoman Noorie Spooner emphasized, however, that all of the Public Defender’s clients should continue to report to the Sahwatch office.

“We’ll be taking the entire building, everything but People’s Bank space on the first floor – but not until next spring,” Spooner said.

The landlord will be the big winner,  with a leased-up building while many neighboring downtown office buildings struggle to find tenants.

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“They’ve occupied part of the building for quite a while. But this will fill it up,” Guadagnoli said.