Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes told a group during a campaign stop that he’ll be tough on illegal immigration no matter what the federal government thinks, saying “screw them.”

Maes was speaking at a restaurant in Avon, Colo. when he made the comments after saying that as governor he would make sure a state law is enforced that prevents illegal immigrants from receiving public assistance without proper identification.

Maes trails Democratic opponent John Hickenlooper badly in fundraising and the GOP has tried to get Maes to drop out of the race. The Vail Daily reports that Maes told the people at Bob’s Place in Avon that he’s recently been “pulled into meetings” he thinks are for fundraising only to be told he needs to leave the race.


  1. It is going to be like those haunted house movies. Everyone is saying “Get Out” but they don’t listen.. pretty bad when your own party say’s Get Out! Maybe he is trying to make a point…Who knows.

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