The father of Colorado’s Taxpayers Bill of Rights is headed to court to face a contempt charge.

Douglas Bruce is accused of contempt of court for allegedly evading a legal summons. Bruce was subpoenaed in a lawsuit over some budget-cutting proposals on Colorado ballots this fall.

Bruce says he was simply out of town and didn’t receive the summons. Bruce’s hearing started this morning in Denver.


  1. If the current political climate were a Tug~of~War, the right would have lost the war without citizens like Doug Bruce who help keep controversy centered and choices available.

  2. Maybe a little jail time would be good for our old buddy Bruce! How about time served from now until the elections are over???

  3. Bruce keeps himself in the center in grand fashion . . . . we have rarely observed a more selfish and self-serving citizen/politician . . . . not only does he not care about the “public good” he legalistically weasels his way out of every obligation . . . this is not a healthy emissary of “controversy” . . . he is harmful to our state and our city. How can the right celebrate this man? . . . .

  4. If a summons must be served and Doug was out of town and not available to be served, wouldn’t the court re-schedule the hearing?

    NOt that I care, Doug has cost the city, county and state millions in his frivilous suits, delaying tactics, efforts to get useless items on the ballot (or them removed) and he still continues to parade around like he’s a king. He’s not a king, he’s a demon that needs to be punished. He was voted to the legislature to get him out of the BOCC, he was held nearly damage free there and now is back to continue wreaking havoc on our county and city.

  5. Doug Bruce is his own advocate. He talks the city out of paying his own taxes. He doesn’t keep up the property he owns, it gets overgrown, the city cleans it up and places lien upon lien on his properties and when it gets sold, they tear up the lien. What does he have on them? Other than the fact that they don’t want to spend even more money to take him to court and have his weasel out of that too.
    Throw him in jail and pay his dues! and, for that matter, make him pay his own taxes!

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