Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes says a Denver bicycle-sharing program could threaten people’s “personal freedoms” and is an attempt by the United Nations to control cities.

Maes says Denver’s B-Cycle program is “bigger than it looks on the surface.” Maes made the comments at a rally last week. He was criticizing Democratic Mayor John Hickenlooper’s initiative to increase bicycling in the Denver through a bike-sharing program. The Denver Post reported Maes’ comments Wednesday.

Maes’ campaign says he was trying to point out that an international group that Denver belongs to has extreme views on global warming. Maes is facing a primary challenge Aug. 10 against Republican Scott McInnis. The winner will face Hickenlooper in November.


  1. Foolish conclusion from Maes, who is grasping at straws to gain any support he can from the fractured right-wing base. Has he ever thought that maybe there’s more to these initiatives than global warming? How about health, obesity, mental well-being (many studies show that people living in cities with long drive-times are less happy and less healthy), and economics? I hope people can see how shallow of a thinker Mr. Maes really is.

  2. On a related note, Maes said that if elected, he would immediately require that aluminum foil hats are listed as mandatory attire in the state’s public school system.

  3. This article is VERY lacking in details. This might as well just be the headline if there isn’t enough information to understand WHY Maes is claiming what he’s claiming. What “personal freedoms” are being threatened? It is a longtime tactic of the democratic party to “lump” things into bills that no one would oppose at surface level so they can ridicule anyone who doesn’t support the WHOLE bill. (i.e. a bill for highway repair funding with 60percent of the funds going to gay rights or save the baby seals and give up Miranda rights in airports…)

    “Oh, give me a break! Not EVERYTHING in this world has an ulterior motive. Geez.” not everything is simple and forthright either. 😉

  4. Context? Is anyone asking about context? That is a snippet lifted from a rally and I would love to see the entire sentence at least! Maybe even the whole paragraph.

    I wish news organizations would quite going for the “gotchas” on all of the candidates. Lets examine the issues please.

  5. On the other hand, if more people ride bikes, it will result in fewer vehicles on the road, resulting in less road maintenance, which will reduce the size of government and help reduce the deficit!

    There, now maybe that’s language even a dimwit Republican can understand.

  6. Is this guy for real? I can’t believe that he thinks this is even a valid argument. I agree with Matt, there are many other postitive factors that come out of a program like this. Right-wing, tunnel vision at its finest. Have no doubt, I will not support him and will spread the word about his remarks.

  7. I agree with Brian – this article really tells us nothing… and yet (as always) people are quick to judge and start name calling. What a childish world we live in. Maes obviously feels/thinks this for a reason (Maes says Denver’s B-Cycle program is “bigger than it looks on the surface.”) I would like to take a closer look at this Denver’s B-Cycle program. Don’t automatically assume you are dealing with a “crazy man”…. everything should be questioned with a “why” anymore —- I recommend educating yourself on this program before you make judgement.

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