State Rep. Wes McKinley is again disputing the clean up of the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant.

McKinley and Dr. LeRoy Moore say they’ll reveal the results of new soil samples at a press conference Wednesday.

The samples were taken last spring and analyzed at a lab.

McKinley is a Democrat from southeastern Colorado who was the foreman of a grand jury that investigated Rocky Flats. He has disputed claims the site has been cleaned up.

In 2005, Deputy Energy Secretary Clay Sell declared the 10-year, $7 billion cleanup of Rocky Flats complete, making it the first former nuclear weapons site to be declared totally remediated.


  1. Yesterday, a group of scientists lead by State Representative Wes McKinley announced that an independent study had found plutonium dust at two sites outside Rocky Flats. As you may know, there is no such thing as a “little plutonium”. Even in very small quantities, plutonium is highly toxic. Plutonium dust found off site from Rocky Flats indicates plutonium dust has been moved by wind. This obviously poses a health risk. The crazy part is Arvada plans to build homes and a private toll road ON and NEAR Rocky Flats. During construction soil and dust will be disturbed, and wind will distribute small particles of plutonium any way the wind blows – including near homes, schools, drinking water, etc. There’s more – Rocky Flats may soon be open for public access – picnics, hiking, school field trips, etc.

    This is madness. The idea that Rocky Flats is “clean” is not true, and this notion is specifically intended to prop up land values. Development in this area should never happen, and public access should never be allowed at Rocky Flats. The state and county health departments need to do their jobs and take a hard look at this potential health risk. Rob Medina,

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