Artist Christo is giving a free public lecture at 6 p.m. tonight at the Fine Arts Center about his proposal to suspend large fabric panels over parts of the Arkansas River.

The project is called “Over the River.”

The Bureau of Land Management must issue a permit for the project. It is accepting public comments on Christo’s plan and some scaled-down alternatives it developed, but Christo’s team says only Christo’s own plan preserves his artistic vision.

For the project, Christo and his late wife, Jeanne-Claude, envisioned using cables to suspend 5.9 miles of fabric across eight spots along a 42-mile stretch of the river. Opponents have raised concerns over safety, environmental effects and traffic.

To reserve a seat, call the FAC box office at 634-5583.


  1. Sorry but Cristos so called ‘art’ does not trump nor enhance the natural beauty of God’s creation – why despoil the beauty of this river with his trash so he can add another notch to his name? Keep the weird art in Europe where they might appreciate his so called ‘artistic vision.’ Sort of reminds me of Picasso who didn’t have the talent to make a straight picture that would sell so he went weird and called it art. Best he could do.

    As a fly fisherman, I know trout are easily spooked to have this mess flapping over the water and changing the coloration is unthinkable. I would also suspect that they would want to make this off limits to land based access. Finally, what a mess they are going to make to bring in construction crews to dig holes to hold the stantions for his cables. Please Coloradoans, make this a big resounding NO! Why the state government is even considering this is beyond me.

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