Brian Bahr, owner of Challenger Homes, has announced his candidacy for mayor of Colorado Springs.

Bahr started Challenger Homes in May 2000.


A press release about he announcement said Bahr will bring “a conservative vision of leadership and trust to a municipality in desperate need of both.”

“With the right vision, together we can restore the good image Colorado Springs once enjoyed,” Bahr said in the release, “while laying a stronger foundation for future growth and prosperity.  It’s time for Colorado Springs to stop simply surviving. Now is the time to thrive.”

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He scheduled a formal public announcement for 11 a.m. Aug. 25 at City Hall,107 N. Nevada Ave.

At that time, he said he’ll unveil his campaign platform and launch his website.


  1. Interesting to note all the negative comments directed toward “developers and builders” that I did not hear when divorce lawyers and pillowcase folding females ran for office – and continue to run for office and continue to run for office following a record of very little accomplishment!

    Developers and builders are people who have actually done something. Actually ran a company and had to deal with risk using their own capital. These are two in particular who have been successful indicating they have organizational skills and administrative abilities equal to the task that will be before them.

    We need people with a record of accomplishment. We are in trouble having been subject to a large herd of weak willies and bored housewives running for office with no choice to vote for the lesser of two evils. Being able to choose from a pool of talented and qualified individuals will be refreshing.

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