Colorado’s pot debate is headed to the cities.

Less than a week after a new law cleared the way for Colorado cities to ban marijuana dispensaries if they wish, some are already moving to ban pot shops.

One of the biggest battles is brewing in Colorado Springs, where city officials were expected Friday to sign off on a petition drive seeking to shutter more than 100 dispensaries located there.

And a ban is already headed to ballots in Aurora, Colorado’s third-largest city. Aurora has had a moratorium banning dispensaries so far, but the vote could make the ban permanent.

Gov. Bill Ritter approved a law Monday to allow cities to ban dispensaries. Marijuana advocates say city bans will face lawsuits.

-Associated Press

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  1. what have these “pot shops” negatively affected to create such an uproar?.. Or is this another case of a small number of loud people that have this insane need to control what others do

  2. Just like Napster, the cat is out of the bag. When all is said and done the final result will be something we can only imagine. This has been a long time coming.

  3. For some personality types, marijuana use may indeed lead to other drug abuse, just as taking narcotic pain killers after major injury or surgery (or to alleviate cancer or other severe, chronic pain) can lead to addiction. However, it is morally wrong to deny people medical interventions that can help their quality of life just because some, unfortunately, will abuse substances.

    Certain regulation of marijuana business locations may be reasonable, but current laws regarding minors being in bars etc could be adapted to take care of issues related to the shops. I think that significant security measures should be REQUIRED, not only for the safety of the shop itself, but for the safety of surrounding businesses and neighborhoods. Actually, perhaps the best idea of all would be to de-criminalize marijuana entirely, tax it like alcohol and cigarettes, and thereby help government budgets with increased revenue as well as reduce jail populations and therefore their associated expenses.

  4. As far as I can tell, the only thing these shops have done is created jobs and filled a consumer demand. 🙂

  5. Oh yes, these shops are so medically necessary and there so many sick kids at UCCS that they had to set up shop right across from the University. Must explain all of the sick kids at Colorado College. My work takes me on campus into the dorms which reek of pot.

    Medical necessity isn’t proven, can be met with other drugs and the only real reason is to try to break down the laws restricting this blight on society.

    Now that we have seen the abuse of these so called medical pot dispensaries, we should have another vote to repeal the damn stuff.

  6. ..”Now that we have seen the abuse of these so called medical pot dispensaries, we should have another vote to repeal the damn stuff.”

    Again I ask.. Why? Why are you against it? Other then creating a ton of jobs in many industries (construction, HVAC..ect).. how is it negatively affected us or you?

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