The Colorado Springs City Council is likely to find out on May 25 whether it can receive money from the sale of Memorial Health System.

That’s when city attorney Pat Kelly is expected to present Attorney General John Suthers’ opinion about whether the hospital is subject to the Colorado Hospital Transfer Act.

The act requires that nonprofit hospitals, when sold to a for-profit entity, take the money from the sale and use it for a similar charitable activity. It could mean that no money from Memorial’s sale could go to the city’s general fund.

Memorial is a nonprofit, but is also a municipal hospital, which isn’t mentioned in the law.

The Memorial Commission on Ownership and Governance asked Kelly to request the opinion last month. The commission is tasked with making recommendations to city council about the hospital system’s future – to sell it, lease it to another entity or change nothing.


  1. Its like monkeys at the zoo. My 15 year old could have told them to check that before they even started this whole waste of time and money. Here is what you get when a nonfunctional commitee is put together by a nonfunctional city council. No one has the background to ask the easiest questions. If it cant be sold do we still have to pay the consultant that i begged them not to hire. will the PR firm give us a refund? There are other things coming up that they should have cleared from the start. Sould be fun to watch the comedy of errors.

  2. Owleye i did interview for the commission, i have offered them assistance, i have personally talked to them several times about mistakes they are about to make but they do it anyway. I have talked to this consultant face to face and he is nothing but a money sponge. I have the healthcare background to see the pitfalls coming. I was not selected for this because i wasnt swayed to sell in the interview process, i stated i needed to see the facts and data. Data that i can understand unlike the sitting commission. From the start it was promised by the city council that this would be experts in the field assesing the future of memorial. what it ended up being is a group of people with no viable healthcare background spending money to find someone that understands what they were appointed to do. SAD!

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