People upset with the new health care law are rallying to support Colorado’s attorney general, who has angered some by joining a national lawsuit challenging the overhaul.

Tea party supporters planned to deliver 10,000 signatures of support for Republican Attorney General John Suthers Wednesday. Earlier this month, progressive advocacy group ProgressNow Colorado delivered signatures calling for Suthers to drop the suit.

The chairwoman of the 9.12 Project Colorado Coalition, Lu Busse, says most Coloradans want Suthers to challenge the law.

Suthers and other attorneys general filed a lawsuit saying the law violates constitutional limits on the powers of the federal government by requiring people to have health insurance.

Associated Press


  1. The AG and 10,000 Tea Baggers who signed this petition do not speak for the million other Coloradans who support health care reform.

    I have a feeling health care will quickly become like Social Security and Medicare (or Tricare); people gripe about federal “takeover,” but just try getting one of these hypocrites to give up their federally mandated SS or Medicare.

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