El Paso County has purchased a waterfall outside Manitou Springs, and a cleanup campaign is planned.

The county acquired Rainbow Falls last week for $10 from Mansfield Development Corp., which owns nearby land.

The waterfall was once a tourist draw, but officials say it’s now frequented by drug users and plagued by vandals, and highway construction work dumped silt into the stream.

L’Aura Montgomery, who led a citizens campaign to make the falls public property, says it will take time and money to restore the area.

A volunteer cleanup day is scheduled for June 5.

– Associated Press

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  1. This is exciting news! Rainbow Falls was and should continue to be a wonderful destination site for our community. A big thanks to the County for preserving our heritage. Also special thanks to Mansfield Development Co. for their generosity. Now the community needs to get behind this project and get it cleaned up on June 5 as the first step in the Rainbow Falls restoration.

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