Some supporters of public schools are backing a proposal that would allow the Legislature to raise taxes to pay for education.

The proposal is up for its first hearing today in the House Education Committee.

It seeks to ask voters this fall if they would give the Legislature approval to raise taxes as needed to pay for preschool through higher education.

Since it’s a referred measure, it needs the support of two-thirds of lawmakers to pass. That would mean it would have to garner bipartisan support, a long shot in an election year.

Funding for Colorado schools has been mostly protected through the recession but, starting in July, schools are set to lose $365 million of the funding they normally receive, a 6.4 percent drop.

Associated Press

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    EVERY YEAR, the schools come back looking for more and more money and the dumbo voters give it to them. If they don’t then the schools hit the voters in the most painful areas of services – bus service, recreation services, books, etc, etc… I wish they use that energy to cut some of their expenses. Having experience in the schools, I know there is a tremendous amount of waste in day to day expenditures. One stupid thing they do is to allow a principal to have free rein in her budget. She may be an educator (too bad she isn’t a teacher any longer) but she is not an accountant. This results in principals ordering custom coffee cups for all the staff from a local potter. In business, they would get strofoam or told to bring in one from home. Or, order custom colored drapes and other accessories to match ‘her’ colors instead of ordering stock colors out of the catalog. So, put an accountant in charge of a couple schools, and some zero based budgeting, hard nose expenditure control and the accountant would be paid for many times over.

    What is the end result? If you went to college, you know the education majors were not the brightest pennies in the roll. But they are certainly getting well paid and benefitted nowadays. We now pay so much more for education than we have in the past and yet they want more and more. Perhaps if they stuck to academics instead of socialization and culture modification. We keep paying more and our kids keeping getting dumbed down more and more. Only 20% of Rampart Advanced Placement kids can pass the tests. Yet, they do fine at college. Our international status is in the dumps. Since I have gotten out of high school, they had to dumb down the SAT scores so the schools wouldn’t look so fricking bad to their parents and grand parents. Meantime, those tarnished pennies that got their ‘educator’ degrees are now ‘administrators’ pulling in over $100k / year. And, they want more money. Nothing like hogs at the public trough to oink for more.

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