A regional team of contractors will build the Pueblo Dam connection for the Southern Delivery System – a pipeline that will bring water from the Arkansas River in Pueblo to El Paso County.

ASI Constructors Inc. – a nationally recognized firm headquartered in Pueblo County – was selected as the prime contractor. ASI Constructors specializes in the construction and rehabilitation of dams, spillways and water resource projects. ASI plans to use several regional sub-contractors for the SDS dam connection project, including:

• High Country Pipeline, based out of Fremont County, will perform the pipe installation;
• Springs Fabrication, located in Colorado Springs, will fabricate the stainless steel components;
• Transit Mix in Pueblo will supply the concrete; and
• Rocky Mountain Crane Service in Colorado Springs will provide large cranes for the project.

“We are pleased and fortunate to have local contractors and businesses with these highly specialized skills and qualifications,” said John Fredell, SDS project director.

Construction on the Pueblo Dam connection for the delivery system is scheduled to begin this summer, following the completion of negotiations with the Bureau of Reclamation for SDS-related water storage, conveyance and exchange contracts in Pueblo Reservoir – a federal facility.

The Pueblo Dam connection project will take approximately one year to complete.
An average of 380 workers will be at work on the overall SDS project from 2010-2016, with peak employment of 700 workers in 2014.

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In early May, Colorado Springs Utilities will host a series of workshops for contractors and businesses interested in work related to the SDS project in El Paso, Pueblo and Fremont counties.

For workshop dates and locations, visit www.sdswater.org.