Chuck Fowler, CEO and chairman of the recently formed “City Committee” in Colorado Springs, has released the names of the members of the organization.

Founded by Fowler and Broadmoor CEO Steve Bartolin, the committee’s goal is to “promote the efficient and transparent expenditure of scarce public funds by government, and other publicly funded organizations.”

It is anticipated that the committee will undertake a comprehensive examination of the city’s revenue and expenditures, with the goal of finding significant savings through operating efficiencies.

In announcing the committee’s formation several months ago, Bartolin said, “I don’t pretend for one moment to have all the answers … But what I was hoping for was that I would provoke some thought as to a different way to approach things from an organizational and structural perspective that allowed the city to really provide some long-term budget solutions.”

The members of the City Committee are:

Chuck Fowler – founder, chairman and CEO of the committee, and president of cFowler Communications Co.

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Steve Bartolin – founder and president of the committee, and CEO of The Broadmoor Hotel.

Peter Maiurro – founder, secretary and treasurer of the committee, and director of Awards for Excellence at El Pomar Foundation, and deputy director of the Penrose House.

Bob Cutter – director and chief operating officer, and former general manager of Vitesse Semiconductor.

G. Barry Baum – former president of Western Forge, Corp.

Matthew Drosendahl – vice president of finance and controller at Norgren Inc.

David Isbell  – attorney for Hogan & Hartson LLP.

Kathy Klepfer – former western regional director of Monsanto Company.

Jack Lundberg – former president of Denver Equipment Company.

Laura McGuire – CEO of SmartTracks Inc.

Andy Meng – owner of InFront Webworks Inc.

Mark R. Ruport – former CEO of Configuresoft Inc.

BJ Scott – CEO of Peak Vista Community Health Centers & Foundation.


  1. This is a very impressive group of people. However, it would show more balance if there were some people on the board from demographics that aren’t at the level of CEO, President, business owner, etc. Why do I say this? Because the view of what’s critical to fund may look very different from these different levels. Thus suggested savings from a particular program seen from this group may represent a critical need for someone from another. Our city has to serve all citizens and not just those that may be sheltered from those realities by their positions.

  2. Very well said…I agree!
    Providing a venue where all citizens may voice their concerns, at whatever level or position they hold as citizens, and know that they have been heard will be imperative to making true, collaborative changes. To disenfranchise the needs and views of any “group” or entity in our community will only perpetuate the divisiveness we are currently experiencing. Whether we agree or not and whether or not others’ views differ from our individual or collective dogmas and agenda’s, we absolutely and imperatively must determine to share this planet with those who are not “like” us. What is normal for each of us, in our familiar surroundings, with our learned beliefs and family traditions is comfortable to us, but we do not have the right to impose our sense of comfort on others because they are different from us. The preceding points are of equal importance to “them” and we truly have more in common than we do our differences,
    It is time, it is past time, that we come together as collaborators with common goals and realize the interdependence we share as a community. My family and friends, co-workers, community…my hometown and the quality of life we all desire, will suffer when our members fail.
    We need to keep it simple…like in the good old days when we all brought our unique talents together for a common purpose. When our neighbor was in trouble and their barn burned down and we instinctively responded by coming together as a community to help one another. We were motivated to do these things because our quality of life, our relationships and our survival depended on our collective talents and efforts coming together for a common cause.
    Time to stop blaming…time to get creative and look for solutions-it is in our collective best interests to do so! Choose to be a positive part of the solution!!

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