The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum has hired Durel Consulting Partners of Baltimore, Md.,  to evaluate the future of the museum, as part of a business planning effort.

The project is being paid for entirely with donations and grants from the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Colorado, H. Chase Stone Trust,  J.H. Edmondson Foundation and Bee Vradenburg Foundation.

The Pioneers Museum and Durel Consulting will bring together  residents, community leaders and stakeholders to assess the museum’s current business model – and recommend a new path.

A small consulting firm, Durel has extensive experience working with cultural nonprofit organizations and museums throughout the nation with issues such as executive leadership planning, sustainability and fund development.

“John Durel and Anita Durel are nationally recognized museum consultants with over 60 years of professional insight and background between them,” Museum Director Matt Mayberry said.  “I look forward to working with them to find a sustainable future for the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.”

Because of the recession and city revenue shortfalls, city general fund support for the museum was reduced from $895,000 during 2008 to $365,000 during 2010.  Moreover, general fund support has been proposed for elimination during 2011.

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The museum staff and other stakeholders have said that the best way to preserve the museum is to identify strategies for building a sustainable financial base that is not dependent on tax revenue.

A summary of Durel’s findings and recommended strategies is expected to be completed this summer.


  1. Nice that you hired a LOCAL firm to help you! Our tax money is good enough for you BUT not our talent! Hey Matt … know what suggestion #1 will be?? Charge Admission! What a joke!

  2. Really? With all the succesfull business owners in this town, we can not find local people to give insight on how to run a BUSINESS?
    I once offered a lot of money to have my small wedding in the preserved courtroom in the museum. Was shot down no matter what I offered. They could host weddings, put in a 50’s style soda fountain…I have more ideas if anyone cares to ask. That advice did not cost the county anything.

  3. No one in the whole state of Colorado could do this job? How sad, no wonder Colorado is becoming bankrupt since we have no business planners worth a hoot according to Mayberry.

    Or, since they always say follow the money, who is who in here.

    Come to think of it, maybe nobody wanted to touch the tainted money of the Gay & Lesbians.

  4. This town was once one of the major tourist attractions in the entire west. We have lost that distinction. Rather than spending this kind of money, perhaps you should do a survey of local residents and business owners for what to do with this great litte gem of our town’s history. I could personally come up with at least 4 or 5.

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